Friday, January 24, 2014

Fantasy Matters: An Update

If fantasy literature teaches us anything, it's that things change.  Even after the One Ring is thrown into the fires of Mordor, the Shire is no longer the same, and Frodo sails off into the West.  Peter and Susan grow older and cannot return to Narnia; even Narnia itself changes, falls, and is reborn.  Lyra Belacqua loses her ability to read the alethiometer effortlessly, but begins to learn how to read it in a new, more studied fashion.

In both reality and fantasy, life is not a constant thing.  It is a series of comings and goings, gains and losses, ebbs and flows.

For the last 2 1/2 years, we at Fantasy Matters have worked to provide you with insights, updates, and ideas about everything related to science fiction and fantasy.  We have been thrilled to bring you interviews with wonderful authors, provided glimpses into books you had not yet read, and sparked conversations about the latest fantastic TV show.  We thank you for the privilege of being part of your lives, and we hope that what we have written has somehow mattered to you.

But like life in general, this website too must change.  While we value every moment that we have contributed to this website, like Frodo, we recognize that it is time to move on.  While we will continue posting our thoughts from time to time (and, in fact, we will be posting something on Monday!), we no longer will regularly update our content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Our Twitter account, though, will continue to share updates about new content, so we would encourage you to stay subscribed; our archives will remain available if you want to look back on what has been written before. 

Before we sail off, we would like to thank you all for being part of the conversations we have had here.  We started this site with a belief that fantasy and science fiction matter, and more than anything, you all have taught us that it absolutely, irrevocably does.

And that we will carry with us wherever we go.

--Jen Miller, Kat Howard, and Adam Miller