Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Film: The Robocop Remake

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So, remember Robocop?  This 1987 film tells the story of a new breakthrough in crime-fighting--a cyborg police officer that has the experience and mind of a human police officer combined with the accuracy and precision of a machine.  Here's the trailer for the original film:

Given that this film is now over 25 years old, it's no surprise that it looks pretty cheesy.  But they're remaking Robocop, with the new version scheduled to come out in 2014.

Here's the updated trailer for that one:

The original film featured some interesting imagery to suggest that Robocop is the savior for a crime-ridden Detroit; this version seems like it is staying away from a specific connection to a city and instead is addressing larger themes--not only what it means to be human, but how much control humans have over their own destiny.  As a result, it looks like it might be a slightly more complex, layered film, although that might be a bit optimistic.  Plus, Samuel L. Jackson is in it, which can't hurt.

What do you think?  How will the new Robocop measure up to the original version?  Let us know in the comments!

By Jen Miller