Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Fantastic in the Fine Arts: Nathália Suellen

Editor's note: Today, we are thrilled to bring you some of the work of Nathália Suellen.  You can find her online at Lady Symphonia, and if you like what you see here, we'd definitely encourage you to check it out!

Nathália Suellen is a self-taught digital dark artist and professional cover illustrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her style can be described as a combination of surrealism, dark art and fantasy, blending elements of 3D, digital painting and photomanipulation. She originally began creating art as an outlet to her emotions instead of as a professional career, but she quickly gained international renown when sharing her very first works in art communities and social networks. Nathália's client list includes musicians, bestselling writers, and major companies like Random House, Simon and Schuster and Scholastic.

In describing her feelings toward her art, Nathália says, “Art for me is like a message to be sent.  It is the way the supernatural found to tell me secrets of the unknown. I feel like an instrument. And somehow it is also therapeutic for me. It’s not just girls or monsters in my works.  Perhaps my art is really a manifestation myself with different faces, living different experiences in fantasy that I wouldn’t be able to live in real life."

All images copyright Nathália Suellen.  Used with permission.