Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Trailers: Coma

It's almost the end of August, which means several things: first, it's almost time to head back to school, for those of us who are either students or those in charge of teaching students; second, the weather is getting cooler, which I for one really appreciate; and third, there are all sorts of new, exciting things on TV.

Some of these shows are old favorites, like Castle, back for another season Others are brand-new shows that I'm really looking forward to, either because I know the director and/or cast, or because the premise looks intriguing.

Coma, a two-part medical conspiracy film on A&E, is appealing for both of these reasons.

Not only is the film directed by Ridley Scott and stars Geena Davis, Ellen Burstyn, James Wood, and Richard Dreyfuss, but it also looks suspenseful, intriguing, and chilling--the kind of thing that will keep me up all night.  (And that's a good thing.)

Here's a preview, complete with behind-the scenes clips and interviews with the cast:

I know I'll definitely be tuning in next week!