Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Fantastic Week Ahead: July 4

The Snow Queen's ShadowWe are big fans of Jim C. Hines and his work here at Fantasy Matters.  Jim was one of the featured authors at the original Fantasy Matters conference, and at the conference, he read an excerpt from what was going to become The Stepsister Scheme , a retelling of the story of Cinderella.  The Stepsister Scheme was the first book in The Princess Series, which also includes The Mermaid's Madness and Red Hood's Revenge .  All of these books are not only great stories and fun reads, but they also thoughtfully reconsider questions of gender and sexuality that are problematic in the original fairy tales. This week marks the release of the latest book in that series--The Snow Queen's Shadow--and we're really excited about it!

To celebrate the release of The Snow Queen's Shadow , we're focusing our content this week on the theme of "Re-Told Fairy Tales."  Kat Howard will start us off with a review of Jim's new book tomorrow, but we will also include some thoughts on old favorites as well.  And we'll definitely make sure to include lots of suggestions for reading if this is a genre you enjoy!

As always, of course, there will be other things going on, in case fairy tales aren't your thing, including some more thoughts on last week's "Best Science Fiction Movie Ever" poll.  And, speaking of which, if you haven't voted yet, you should go do that!  We also have another post from Megan Kurashige about "The Unexpected Fantastic" (you can find her first post on this topic here) to look forward to as well.