Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I hear Oz is lovely this time of year

TatooineAs anyone who has seen my house can tell you, I'm a big fan of minimalist/vintage-style travel posters.  I have one with a giraffe advertising South Africa in my living room, one with a train advertising the Black Forest Railroad, and, as of this past Christmas, three in my dining room suggesting that I visit Tatoonine, Hoth, and Endor.

That's right.  I have Star Wars travel posters.

These posters, along with a number of others for Dagobah, Yavin IV, and Bespin, are designed by Justin Van Genderen and available for sale here.  His Alderaan one in particular makes me laugh.

DagobahTurns out, however, that Van Genderen isn't the only one designing posters like this.  Steve Thomas has also created a number of Star Wars travel posters, such as this one for Dagobah that I think is great.  Acme Archives sells them with limited availability, along with another of Thomas similarly styled posters featuring a Tron lightcycle.  And Cliff Chiang is another artist who has reworked some of the Star Wars imagery.  His work is more in line with 1940s war-time propaganda posters, but they're definitely awesome, too.

Travel to OzStar Wars isn't the only one that has gotten in on the fun, though.  Over at Etsy, CedarMyna's shop features travel posters for Narnia, Wonderland, and my favorite, Oz. The colors on this one are really eye-catching, and I have to work hard to resist buying it.

Last, but definitely not least, for all you browncoats out there, Think Geek has two sets of Firefly travel posters, with 5 posters in each set.  The hardest part for me is deciding which set to get!

MirandaAre there other fun fantasy/scifi-themed travel posters that you've come across?  Let us know in the comments, so we can add them to our holiday wish lists!